Glosema Group
Translation, Editing & Oral Communication
Key Translation, Editing & Interpretation Projects
2014 – present High-quality linguistic services: translating and editing presentations, press releases and other PR materials
2017 – present Translating and editing documents, business proposals and PR materials
2019 Translation of the 2018 Sustainability Report
2018 Translation of the 2017 Annual Report
2018 Translation of the 2017 Sustainability Report
2017 Translation of the 2016 Annual Report
2012–2016 Translation of the 2011–2015 Annual Reports and Sustainability Reports
2013–2016 Translation of the 2012–2015 Annual Reports
2016 – present Translation of proposals, articles and analytical materials for clients across various industries
2017 – present Technical documents translation, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting at training sessions and conference meetings, as part of the Imperial Tobacco Group's outsourcing project
May 2018 Simultaneous interpreting of A. Usmanov’s interview, accompanying A. Usmanov at the SPIEF 2018
October 2019 Consecutive interpreting at the Plenary Session of the International Interdisciplinary Conference “Russia and the East: Art, Philosophy, Culture”
2018 – present Translating and editing website texts and PR materials for Switzerland Global Enterprise
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