Glosema Group

Language translation services are the cornerstone of Glosema Group’s business.
We focus on exclusive linguistic support and provide services for clients who are scrupulous
about the quality of translated texts.

Comprehensive Tran​slation Services
Document Management for Family Office
Human Translation & Multy-Level Quality Control
2700 KGS
High-Value Client Documents
Postediting (Logic, Style & Accuracy)
1800 KGS
Public Documents
Postediting (Style & Accuracy)
1230 KGS
Internal Documents
Machine Translation & Proofreading
980 KGS
Uniform Documents
Machine Translation & Term Checking
650 KGS
Information Texts
Machine Translation
250 KGS
CAT Tools

Glosema Group employs industry-leading CAT tools to improve efficiency and reduce costs for our clients. We actively use translation memory (TM), which leverages previous translations to improve accuracy and consistency of new translation projects. In addition, we employ terminology management and glossary tools to build and manage client-specific glossaries, including abbreviations and branded terms for products & services.

Our in-house CAT Tool branded Marfa CAT is what distinguishes us from other translation companies.


Post-Editing Machine Translation

Glosema Group has linguistic experts trained in post-editing machine-generated translations. We utilize our expertise in automated translation not only to correct the current output but also to improve future machine translation performance. With the right tools in place, the post-editing process will enhance the quality of an ongoing translation project and improve the efficiency and accuracy of the target text.

Price per page starts at 1230 KGS.

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