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Glosema Group delivers top-quality training for specialists, line managers and senior executives in a wide range of subjects. Whether it is a training course development or a corporate university implementation, we are ready to develop a solution tailored specifically to your company’s needs.

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We invite talented experts, masters and trainers, in the following areas:
oral and written communication, personal effectiveness, creativity and soft skills, linguistic skills (translation & interpreting, editing, copywriting), staff motivation.

We will especially appreciate the applicant’s openness to the teaching materials and recommendations that we have developed.

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We provide you with a turnkey solution for organizing corporate training: from assessing the company’s needs to involving leading universities in the learning process. Implement corporate training at all levels and raise your chances of surpassing your competitors’ financial performance by 4 times.


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All prices are calculated for 1 three-hour training per person

Tough Hang Do

Tough Hang Do is an effective English-learning practice. We teach to react swiftly and accurately to tough and unforeseen communication situations in the English language, to parry challenges gracefully, control an open or pent-up aggression against you and constantly monitor your communication territory.

Price: 2450 KGS

Business Communication Online

Сompanies now have to rethink traditional approaches to negotiations that were previously conducted in person. In online meetings much of non-verbal information is lost, hindering adequate decision-making. To help companies retool for an online environment, we provide training and testing for executives and rank-and-file employees.

Price: 2450 KGS

Business Translation & Editing

Learn how to work professionally with texts in the areas of finance, consulting and audit. The course is run by Lomonosov Moscow State University Professor, the Chief Research Supervisor at Financial University for the Government of Russia, who has over 10 years of work experience in the consulting industry.

Price: 2450 KGS

Simultaneous Interpretation

Hone your simultaneous interpreting techniques to work with heads of multinationals and government leaders. As a partner of COSINES Pi International Contest of Interpreters, we engage top industry professionals and organize lectures and masterclasses inviting budding interpreters to practice their skills.

Price: 2450 KGS

Soft Skills

With highly qualified trainers and industry experts, we run sessions for cognitive skills training for company managers. The program develops essential business communication skills: designing and delivering effective presentations, writing persuasive proposals, negotiating complex issues, adapting to a rapidly changing market.

Price: 2450 KGS

Digital Transformation

Even in advanced organisations, digitalisation is happening much faster than employees are adapting. To help staff retool online and on-the-job, we implement case-based programmes and structure the training process in the form of short tracks. We also organise tutorials by individual mentors who assist on demand through online dialogues.

Price: 2450 KGS

Modern English Pronunciation

The aim of the course is to teach the most effective ways of communicating orally. Course is held by a Professor of Moscow State University and the Chief Research Supervisor at Financial University for the Government of the Russia. The trainer has been recognized as one of the leading specialists in timbrology, phonetics and suprasegmental studies.

Price: 2450 KGS

Mind Fitness

Develop intuition and creative thinking: learn how to handle complex tasks quickly and increase the efficiency of your team. We conduct staff testing, form an individual programme for you and your colleagues and help to find a new perspective to look at routine tasks through creative training.

Price: 2450 KGS

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