Visa-free regime for citizens of Uzbekistan

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The Bangkok Post has reported that the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kingdom of Thailand has approved several new visa initiatives in order to attract more foreign tourists. According to these new rules, the number of countries whose citizens can enter Thailand without a visa will increase from 57 to 93, including 36 new states such as Cambodia, China, India, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Laos, Mexico, Morocco, and Uzbekistan. Additionally, the duration of stay under the visa-free regime has been extended from 30 to 60 days. The government has also approved the issuance of visas on arrival to 31 countries, as opposed to the previous 19. For those interested in combining leisure and work, a new five-year visa has been introduced with a maximum stay of 180 days and the option for an extension. This is a significant increase from the previous maximum stay of 60 days for tourists. Furthermore, international students who graduate from higher education institutions in Thailand can now stay in the country for an additional year. The government has also announced that the number of e-visa application points in Thailand’s consulates and embassies will double from 47 to 94 starting in September. All of these changes will go into effect on June 1, 2024. Aziza Alimova, UzA.

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