Uzbekistan – Egypt: Exploring Opportunities for Collaboration in Education

UZA News

The “Gateway to Egypt” edition featured an interview with Dr. Reda Hegazy, the Minister of Education and Technical Education of Egypt, and Mansurbek Kilichev, the Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Egypt. The article focuses on the strong relations between the two countries, which have a long history and have signed various agreements. It also highlights potential for increased cooperation and knowledge-sharing in education, particularly in teaching Arabic. Dr. Reda Hegazy discussed Egypt’s education reforms, which began in 2018 and have specific goals to improve employment and the labor market. He also mentioned significant changes in technical education, including the involvement of the private sector. Ambassador Mansurbek Kilichev praised the relations between Egypt and Uzbekistan, citing their shared history, culture, and religion as a solid foundation for collaboration. He expressed interest in learning from Egypt’s best practices in higher education. The meeting also covered topics such as teacher professional development, exchange of experiences, and increasing the number of Uzbek students studying in Egypt. The effective use of technical education graduates’ skills and knowledge for the development of Uzbekistan was also discussed. Muharrama Pirmatova, UzA.

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