Uzbekistan and Poland Discuss Prospects for Attracting Investments and Advanced Technologies in Mining, Textile, and Pharmaceutical Industries

UZA News

Representatives from the Embassy of Uzbekistan recently met with Jacek Tomczak, the Secretary of State from the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology in Poland. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss ways to strengthen trade, economic, and investment cooperation between the two countries. It was emphasized that Poland sees Uzbekistan as a valuable and long-term partner in the Central Asian region, and is eager to continue building a mutually beneficial partnership in various areas. According to the Statistics Agency under the President of Uzbekistan, the trade turnover between the two countries in 2023 was $400.5 million, with $88.9 million in exports and $311.6 million in imports. The main focus of the discussion was on attracting Polish investments and advanced technologies in the mining, textile, and pharmaceutical industries. Additionally, the parties also addressed the issue of facilitating the entry of Uzbek citizens into the Polish labor market, including the development of a bilateral agreement. UzA was also present at the meeting.

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