“There is no future without history”. Photo report from the National Museum of Qatar

UZA News

The Qatar Museums Authority has established an international forum in Doha called the Design Biennial, which is supported by the city’s leadership. As part of this prestigious event, a press tour of the Qatar National Museum was conducted. Our UzA correspondents have created a photo report showcasing the country’s rich history and cultural heritage. The museum, which has a unique architectural design, houses over 8,000 historical items such as documents, manuscripts, household objects, textiles, clothing, jewelry, photographs, and archaeological artifacts. The photo collection showcases both the exterior and interior design of the museum, providing a comprehensive look into the country’s history, culture, and way of life, including the period of Islam’s adoption, the formation of Qatar as a state, and the discovery of oil fields. The museum also features a gallery with three main sections: “Emergence”, “Life in Qatar”, and “Formation of a Nation”. Opened to the public in March 2019, the National Museum of Qatar celebrates the country’s culture and heritage through a variety of artifacts, oral history, music, films, and artwork. The photo report was prepared by B. Khudoyberdiyev and the photos were taken by Y. Meliboyev, both from UzA.

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