The interest of Korean companies in the Uzbekistan market is increasing

UZA News

Seoul was the location for the Uzbekistan Outsourcing Conference. During the event, attendees discussed topics such as business registration, tax incentives for IT Park residents, and the potential of Uzbek IT professionals who are fluent in Korean. Emphasis was placed on the importance of human capital, specifically the availability of experienced specialists and young talents for future employment. The conference also addressed the possibility of collaboration with major players in startup projects.

Moreover, it was mentioned that a multiple-entry IT visa with a validity period of up to three years has made it easier for investors, company founders, and IT specialists to conduct business in Uzbekistan. Representatives from LG CNS and MK Soft/Softhub Global shared their successful experiences and highlighted the reasons for choosing Uzbekistan as their IT hub.

Attendees were also shown the simplified process for business registration in Uzbekistan, which can be completed within 3-6 weeks. This was seen as a reflection of the favorable conditions present in the country.

Information was provided to participants about the procedures for establishing a company in Uzbekistan, the country’s economic situation, including obtaining work permits, and the benefits of IT Park. Additionally, BizData and Croxhi announced their intentions to become residents of IT Park.

Overall, the conference served to strengthen cooperation between Uzbekistan and international companies. N. Rakhmonova, UzA.

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