Road Safety Performance Review in Uzbekistan: Prioritizing Safe Movement of People

UZA News

The UNECE, UNICEF, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs have collaborated to launch the Road Safety Performance Review (RSPR) in Uzbekistan. This review provides a comprehensive evaluation of the country’s road safety system, including its compliance with international road safety laws, and offers specific recommendations to prevent road-related fatalities. Colonel Olim Saidov, Head of the Road Safety Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, noted the significance of this cooperation in improving road safety in Uzbekistan. The RSPR highlights successful road safety practices and stresses the importance of implementing key United Nations road safety laws at both the national and local levels. It also identifies critical areas for the development of the national road safety system and provides suggestions for its enhancement. Despite the government’s efforts in the past decade, road accidents and deaths remain a major issue in Uzbekistan, with economic costs ranging from 2.6% to 3.8% of GDP. To address this, targeted actions are necessary at all levels to reduce fatalities, injuries, and related costs. UNICEF Deputy Representative, Geoffrey Ijumba, emphasized the preventable nature of these deaths and pledged to continue supporting the government in raising awareness and mobilizing resources. The political will to improve road safety in Uzbekistan is a strong foundation for future progress, and implementing the recommendations from the RSPR will further enhance the country’s road safety system. The review’s findings should be utilized to design an effective road safety strategy and interventions, promote road safety ownership and accountability, and increase public awareness of the benefits of a safer road environment in Uzbekistan.

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