Plans for Strengthening Cooperation with BYD Contemplated

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President Shavkat Mirziyoyev was briefed on the progress and future objectives of the BYD Uzbekistan Factory in the Jizzakh region.

This factory, which was inaugurated on June 27 this year with the participation of the President, is BYD’s first passenger car plant outside of China.

BYD is currently a global leader in the production and sale of vehicles powered by new energy sources, such as electric and hybrid vehicles. The company boasts advanced technology and a rigorous quality control system.

The decision for such a large company to enter the Uzbekistan market was influenced by the country’s favorable investment climate and policies, as well as its availability of skilled engineers in the automotive industry, production facilities, raw materials, and logistics potential.

The Chairman of the Board of Uzavtosanoat JSC reported on the initial outcomes of the investment project and plans for its expansion.

As part of the launch of full production, an evaluation was conducted on local enterprises producing plastic parts, glass, bumpers, wheels, and other components to ensure compliance with BYD’s quality standards.

In order to meet the demand for passenger vehicles and broaden their range, agreements have been made with Chinese partners to manufacture cars in the B, C, and budget segments. The first samples have been transferred to laboratories for testing under modern standardization systems.

The implementation of modern technologies and standards in production, trade, and service is also crucial. This will prevent the production of low-quality products and ensure high-quality service and warranty for the manufactured vehicles.

The cooperation with BYD also includes training and advanced training for local personnel. To attract skilled specialists to the BYD Uzbekistan Factory in Jizzakh, an engineering and training center will be established in collaboration with Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute and Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent.

The presentation also discussed measures to reach production targets and accelerate the localization process.

The President set specific tasks to expedite production at the BYD Uzbekistan Factory, develop a strategy for future stages of cooperation, increase production capacity to 500,000 units per year, and enter export markets.


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