Photo report from Adıyaman

UZA News

A group of journalists recently visited Adıyaman, as part of a press tour in Türkiye. Adıyaman, one of the cities in the earthquake zone, is recovering at a rapid pace. Currently, there are 45,305 residents in need of housing in this city, and 2,798 people have recently received new apartments. The construction of new houses has been completed in Akpınar village, located 37 kilometers away from the center of Adıyaman. In addition, multi-storey buildings have been fully built in the city center, and residents have been allocated new housing through a lottery system. By the end of the year, it is expected that 32,000 houses will be completed and ready for occupancy. Despite the loss of their homes, the people of Adıyaman continue to lead an active lifestyle, with access to sports facilities, schools, and an information technology center. In fact, a techno festival is planned to be held in the spring. Stay updated with the UzA website for more news and updates. The next stop on the tour is Malatya. Don’t miss it! [gallery-15916] B.Khudoyberdiyev, N.Mardonov, UzA Adıyaman, Türkiye.

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