New integrated solutions at the “INNOPROM. Central Asia” exhibition

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This year, the State Corporation “Rosatom” is showcasing comprehensive solutions at the International Industrial Exhibition “INNOPROM. Central Asia” to ensure the energy sovereignty of Central Asia.

At the event, Sergey Gromov, Director General of Rosatom – Central Asia regional center, emphasized the importance of an integrated approach in effectively addressing climate change and ensuring energy sovereignty. This approach involves a balance of nuclear and thermal energy, renewable energy sources, and integration with energy storage systems. This combination of various sources and storage allows for a more sustainable energy system, even during cross-border electricity flows.

The Rosatom booth features various technologies that can help maintain the stability of Central Asia’s current energy system while also accommodating new projects. Visitors can learn about renewable energy sources, energy storage systems capable of handling increased loads, advancements in nuclear medicine, and metal composite cylinders that can operate in extreme temperatures ranging from -60 to +65 degrees Celsius.

The booth also provides extensive information on stationary energy storage systems and traction batteries designed for use in automotive production, at large industrial enterprises, and in the development of IT infrastructure.

Nasiba Ziyodullayeva, UzA

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