National Pavilion of Uzbekistan at the 60th Venice Biennale

UZA News

A meeting was held in Tashkent to discuss the concept of Uzbekistan’s national pavilion at the 60th Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art. The organizers of this event were the Art and Culture Development Foundation of Uzbekistan and the Center for Contemporary Art in Tashkent.

The exhibition project for the biennale was created by artist Aziza Kadyri and her colleagues in the Qizlar Collective.

During the presentation, the artists and curators from the Qizlar Collective community, who are responsible for the Don’t Miss The Cue exhibition, shared the concept behind their work. This exhibition explores themes of belonging and identity through the experiences of women from Central Asia in the context of migration. They also discussed their sources of inspiration and provided insight into their research and artistic processes.

The pavilion will be open to the public in Venice until November 24, 2024.


Aziza Alimova, UzA

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