Korea New Network creates video about Uzbekistan

UZA News

South Korea’s premier broadcaster, Korea New Network (KNN), is creating a 36-part series called “Asian Crafts”.

As part of the project, a video titled “Golden Thread of Bukhara” is being filmed about Uzbek handicrafts, such as embroidery and jewelry.

KNN staff are currently in Uzbekistan to shoot the video.

Filming is taking place at the cultural heritage sites of Tashkent and the Bukhara region. In the future, this media content will promote the potential of the culture and tourism of Uzbekistan in Korea and the East Asian region to increase the number of tourists visiting Uzbekistan.

Soon the first program in the form of a TV series will be broadcast by Korea New Network. It will tell about 50 types of handicrafts in 30 Asian countries.


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