Discussion of Developing Industry, Infrastructure, and Tourism in Tashkent City

UZA News

On February 27, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev was presented with draft documents aimed at developing industry, services, and infrastructure in Tashkent city. These documents are part of the state program for implementing the Uzbekistan-2030 Strategy in the Year of Support for Youth and Business. The program sets goals and objectives to support entrepreneurship, efficient use of natural resources, and the tourism potential of regions, as well as improving living conditions and city infrastructure. During the meeting, the focus was on organizing this work in the capital. To facilitate investment projects in Tashkent, the Tashkent Investment Company JSC was established. This company is responsible for implementing investment projects on vacant land plots and public-private partnership projects, including renovation projects. A simplified procedure for implementing these projects and cooperation based on a “life cycle contract” was also approved. The creation of a special industrial zone, “Yangi Avlod” (New Generation), was discussed as a way to increase the industrial potential of the capital and launch high-tech production. This zone is expected to attract foreign direct investment, create new jobs, and produce industrial products for export. Proposals for developing tourism services and infrastructure in the capital were also considered. A corresponding program of measures will be implemented in various districts of Tashkent, including the organization of gastronomic and artisan streets, modern trade and service facilities, and green and recreational areas. The importance of organizing this work at the mahalla level and following the successful “Andijan experience” was emphasized. The President approved the draft documents and proposals and gave instructions for their efficient implementation. UzA.

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