Collaborative efforts to support the anti-corruption efforts of the Government of Uzbekistan

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The EU, led by GIZ, UNDP Uzbekistan, and the Anti-Corruption Agency of Uzbekistan, have officially launched the “Improving Governance in Uzbekistan” initiative to strengthen the country’s fight against corruption. The event, held at the Anti-Corruption Agency, served as a platform to present and discuss the initiative. The Action, funded by the EU, will be carried out through two projects: “Inclusive corruption prevention” led by GIZ in partnership with Regional Dialogue and the Central Finance and Contracting Agency of Latvia, and “Strengthening the National Anti-Corruption Ecosystem in Uzbekistan” led by UNDP. The projects, spanning from 2024 to 2026, will cover all 14 regions of Uzbekistan. The projects aim to address challenges such as weak institutionalization of anti-corruption efforts and the gap between national and regional implementation. The EU Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Ms. Charlotte Adriaen, expressed her confidence in the project and its support for the country’s reform program. The Resident Representative a.i. of UNDP Uzbekistan and the GIZ Country Director also affirmed their readiness to support the government’s journey towards inclusive governance transformations. The Director of the Anti-Corruption Agency, Mr. Akmal Burkhanov, highlighted the agency’s plans for large-scale work, including the introduction of the Integrity Assessment initiative and the use of technology and cooperation with civil society institutions. The projects will focus on legal and institutional reforms, improving law enforcement response to corruption, and promoting social accountability through civic engagement.

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