Baku Hosts Regional Meeting of Central Bank Employees

UZA News

A regional meeting was held in Baku for specialists in payment systems from central banks in Azerbaijan and other Central Asian countries. Representatives from the Central Bank of Uzbekistan were also in attendance.

The participants discussed and shared their experiences in payment systems, financial technologies, and cybersecurity.

The employees of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan presented on the topic of “Suptech and Regtech”, highlighting the importance of utilizing advanced technologies to improve the efficiency and streamlining of control systems. They also gave a report on “The Significance of Cybersecurity”.

This event served as a crucial platform for strengthening cooperation and exchanging knowledge in the development of modern financial technologies in the region.

The participants collaborated to create a joint strategy for the development and integration of payment systems, and agreed to continue cooperation on the issue of data exchange between central banks.

Sh. Mamaturopova, UzA

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