Baku hosts a meeting between journalists from Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan

UZA News

On April 22, a negotiation was held between journalists from Uzbekistan and the editors-in-chief of prominent publications in Azerbaijan. The discussions centered on cooperation and the exchange of experiences between the two countries’ journalistic communities. The participants of the meeting shared information about their professional work, deliberated on current aspects of journalism, and showed interest in collaborating on projects and initiatives. One of the main topics of the talks was strengthening the bonds between the journalistic organizations of both nations and fostering partnerships in information sharing. Additionally, the significance of interaction between media representatives of Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan on the international stage was emphasized. Mr. Sadigov, Editor-in-Chief of the “Azerbaijan” newspaper, expressed his satisfaction with the growing bilateral relations between the two countries and stated that cooperation would lead to the creation of a network of skilled professionals capable of promptly covering current events and issues. In response, Mr. Ermatov, Editor-in-Chief of “Ishonch” and “Ishonch-Doveriye” newspapers, highlighted the role of journalists as the voice of society and stressed that through joint efforts, this voice can become even stronger and more powerful. The parties also expressed their commitment to actively implement joint projects aimed at strengthening professional ties and improving the quality of journalism in both countries. Aziza Alimova, UzA Baku, Azerbaijan.

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