Ark Fortress – the Heart of Bukhara

UZA News

The Ark Fortress, known as the heart of Bukhara, was recently visited by Prime Minister of Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim. During his visit, the guests were given a tour of the complex, with special focus on the Takhtkhona (Throne Room) building located within the fortress. The Ark Fortress is the oldest historical monument in Bukhara, standing at a height of 16-20 meters. Its unique architectural design resembles a stretched polygon, and archaeological research has shown that its walls were built before the Common Era. Unfortunately, the fortress was destroyed during the conquest of Bukhara in 1920, but the preserved territory now houses the Bukhara State Museum-Reserve, covering an area of 1.1 hectares. A. Buriyev, along with photographers N. Khaydarov and T. Istatov, captured the beauty of the fortress in their photos for UzA.

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