Uzbekistan Airports and Korea Airports Corporation Establishing a Training Center for Airport Personnel

UZA News

Uzbekistan Airports delegation recently held a series of meetings with representatives of the Korea Airports Corporation (KAC) and visited several aviation industry facilities in South Korea. As a result, Javlonbek Umarkhojayev, Acting Chairman of the Board of Uzbekistan Airports, and KAC President Yoon Hyung Jung inked a Memorandum of Understanding which includes multiple areas of cooperation. The primary goal of the agreement is to create a joint venture to construct a training center for airport personnel in Uzbekistan. The center will be established based on the KAC’s advanced approach with the help of a grant from KOICA, which will provide funds for the construction and equip it with modern equipment. The document also covers collaboration in the exchange of information and experience in airport management, experts for projects and business initiatives, and the development of joint programs and projects in the aviation industry, as well as advanced training of personnel for effective airport management.

During the trip, the Uzbekistan Airports staff visited KAC Aviation Training Centers in Seoul and Cheongju, where they became familiar with modern methods of personnel training. The delegation also went to Gimpo International Airport in Seoul and the Incheon Airport Aviation Academy. A meeting was also held with JEJU Air representatives, where current areas of cooperation were discussed.


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