A Showcase of Furoshiki Scarves from Japan

UZA News

A joint venture between the Academy of Arts, the Embassy of Japan in Uzbekistan, the Uzbek-Japanese Center, and the Community for the Study of the Japanese Tea Ceremony in Tashkent, the opening ceremony of the exhibition of Japanese scarves “Furoshiki” was held at the Ikuo Hirayama International Caravanserai of Culture. The showcase features 75 types of furoshiki scarves.

Furoshiki, which translates to “bath rug”, is a square-shaped woven handkerchief that has been used in Japan since ancient times to wrap and carry items such as onigiri (rice ball). It can be used to carry items of almost any shape.

These scarves are made from cotton, silk, or polyester in various sizes, and are decorated with traditional patterns or painted with the shibori (dyeing) technique.

The exhibition will run until August 20 this year.

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