A crucial policy document aimed at enhancing the well-being of individuals

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The President has signed the Decree “On the State Program for the Implementation of the Uzbekistan-2030 Strategy in the Year of Support for Youth and Business”. This significant document outlines priority tasks for effectively carrying out large-scale reforms defined in the Uzbekistan-2030 Strategy by 2024. According to the decree, what efforts will be made to ensure the rule of law and efficient public administration? Associate Professor Zarina Isroilova, PhD, from the University of World Economy and Diplomacy, provided the following answer: This decree by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev sets forth crucial objectives such as further improving the management system to prioritize the people’s interests and creating favorable conditions for individuals to realize their potential. This applies to all citizens and is of great importance. Specifically, the decree includes clear directives for fully unleashing the potential, talent, and initiatives of young people, increasing their aspirations and confidence in the future as they are the future leaders of our country. As part of the “Olympiad of Five Initiatives”, starting from March 1, 2024, high-level competitions will be organized in foreign language knowledge (“Ibrat Farzandlari”), e-sports, and intellectual games “Zakovat” with a prize fund of 600 million UZS in mahallas, educational institutions, enterprises, and organizations. A society where the rule of law prevails is one in which people live in peace and prosperity. From this perspective, special attention is given to ensuring the rule of law and effective public administration in the decree. By May 1, 2024, to integrate young people who have strayed into society and help them find their place in life, the practice of removing from probation records those who have been released on parole based on a guarantee from the Youth Union, as well as significantly reducing the grounds for their registration under preventive measures, will be implemented. Indeed, these measures will allow young people who have lost their way at the threshold of adulthood to learn valuable life lessons and draw necessary conclusions. According to the decree, individuals will be able to electronically apply through the Single Portal of Interactive State Services to the Road Safety Service for decisions and notifications regarding traffic rule violations. This will also provide additional convenience for our citizens. Another important aspect is that the policy based on the principle of “A Safe and Peaceful State” will be consistently continued, as stated in the decree. In this regard, the potential of the Armed Forces and other ministries and agencies responsible for this area will be significantly strengthened to ensure cybersecurity and epidemiological stability. Each ministry and agency will define the responsibilities of those in charge of certifying and examining information systems, which are essential components of the cybersecurity infrastructure. Measures will be taken to improve curricula and teaching methods for training personnel in these areas, taking into account modern threats and experiences. Uzbekistan will implement a program to improve the digital and military medical infrastructure, gradually equipping responsible agencies with modern technology and medical equipment. A system will be established to guarantee the protection of citizens’ personal data, anti-fraud systems for banks and payment systems, and modern biometric systems will be introduced. All of these efforts will further enhance the well-being of our people and strengthen Uzbekistan’s reputation in the international arena. Norgul Abduraimova, UzA.

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