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Top Insights in Service Industries

The service sector currently accounts for the largest share, both in terms of GDP and employment. As service industries mature, their operations come to bear many similarities with the software development processes: machine interaction, knowledge intensive activities, flexibility in the organization, control and execution of tasks. In our reports we emphasize the multi-faceted nature of service industries.

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What our reports cover:

  • Industries Dynamics: we study the evolution and the dominance of the service based functions and their distinguishing features.
  • International Demand: we outline the increasing international trade of services, particularly taking into account value added chains.
  • Public Demand: we look at the increased services demand by Public Administrations both in the decision-making processes and for provision of social and public services.
  • New Services Economy: we study new services linked to innovative technologies, as well as the changes undergone by traditional services with digitalization.

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