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We work with reliable partners, we update the data every year and make sure that the choice of available research is as wide as possible. However, there are narrow niches, specific markets and non-standard tasks for which there are no ready-made recipes. There are customised solutions for such queries. If you want to get a study that will meet all your needs, Glosema Group will conduct it itself or suggest a trusted author specialising in your subject matter.

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2022 Beauty Retail Market Research

Category: Beauty retail
Length: 235 Pages
Publisher: Glosema Group
Publication Date: April, 2022
Price: $11,400

2022 Process Oil Market

Category: Oil & Gas
Length: 214 Pages
Publisher: Glosema Group
Publication Date: May, 2022
Price: $11,200

E-Commerce Post-COVID

Category: E-commerce
Length: 153 Pages
Publisher: Glosema Group
Publication Date: June, 2022
Price: $10,700

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