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100 Hours of Interpretation

Go through an intensive interpretation course to gain marketable skills and embark on an interpreter career with our tangible support.

Apply by 20 September.
Course starts on 15 October.

Welcome to an intensive 4-month interpreter training programme.

As our student, you will definitely benefit from a high proportion of practical sessions in this programme. Its key advantage is that the programme’s author and trainer combines academic expertise with years of professional experience as translator and interpreter performing high profile work. Besides, we offer you a comfortable timetable and the support of a professional team of facilitators, programme manager and methodologist.

Please note: you will enrol on the course based on the results of an online English language test and an interview with the trainer.

Application deadline September 20.

What we offer
4 months
1 session a week, 6 ac. hours each
postgraduate vocational training
60,000 RUB. Installments available.
English — Russian
higher education degree, English level: B2+
100 academic hours
personal certificate of programme completion
Training Outcomes

As a result of the course you will:

  • improve your interpreter delivery
  • increase your active vocabulary in the areas of economics, business, politics and society
  • improve your skills in the use of various interpretation techniques
  • improve your skills in sight interpretation, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation
  • gain new business contacts in high-demand and prestigious sectors of the market.

Course starts October 15.

Your Career Boost

Throughout the course, our supervisors will guide you through your future career. We will work with you to identify the most promising employers among our partners and recommend you to them as a reliable professional who has passed the toughest school.

When you complete the course and pass the final exam, you will receive a personal certificate of completion which will also help you get on track. You can start a career in high-demand and prestigious fields related to economics, politics and business: international trade and finance, international political and public relations, media and internet, culture and intercultural communication.


About Trainer

The author and trainer of the programme is Marklen E. Konurbaev, PhD (Linguistics), Professor at Lomonosov Moscow State University, interpreter, translator and business editor, author of international publications on the effectiveness of interpersonal communication, philosophy of language, translation theory and principles of business rhetoric. Founder of the COSINES Pi International Contest of Interpreters.

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